Mesh deformed/scaled


I have some object parented to the bone of other object (im1.jpg).
When I move parented object to some position key frames are automatically created (im2.jpg).
Then when I move to other frame of the animation, parent object gets deformed/scaled (im3.jpg).

When I turn off automatic key frames, and try to put only key frames LocRot there is no scaling problem
,but putting key frames for child affects also the position/rotation of the parent.

Is this possible to position the child object without affecting the parent?



Would really have to see the file to figure this one out. One thing I noticed you have the mesh you’re trying to move parented to the armature. You should probably be parenting it to a bone in the armature.


Hello revolt_randy,

The outliner does not show exact parent, look at the new screen, the item is parented to the bone.

I’ve attached also the blend.


test.blend (974 KB)