Mesh deformed when applying automatic wheights

Hello. I’ve been trying to animate my model for a while but only armature works. I can not seem to make the generated rigify apply with automatic weights to my mesh. It deforms my mesh utterly, leaving only about the head and neck intact… I attached the picture…

Please please help? :frowning:


Rigify uses scripts.
Did you get an error at the top of the blender window ?
In the File / User Preference / File panel did you enable the Auto Run Python Scripts option

I didn’t notice any errors and Auto Run Python Scripts is not enabled. I enabled the option and the mesh seems ok… I don’t understand how did I miss this… maybe not mentioned in tutorials?
Anyway seems to work. My headaches are almost gone :slight_smile: So THANK YOU, thank you, thank you!!!

thank you Richard… it solved mine problem.