Mesh deforming

Can anyone suggest a way to deform multiple mesh objects but keeping the shape of the single objects?
I’ll explain.
I have used the new cell fracture tool to crack up a cube. I then joined all the ‘fragments’ into one object and used the lattice modifier to deform the mesh to create cracks where the mesh is bending. This technique is not working though.
I need the object fragments to stay the same shape so when I deform them cracks will appear. I don’t care if objects move into each other. I just need to animate the object(s) flexing and cracking.
Think of a stone statue bending it’s arm and cracks separating at the elbow.
Anyone know a good simple way to achieve this?

What you can do is to create two Armatures. Parent fragments to one or the other bone that is close to it. Then move the bone to create a gap. The cracks created this will be very sharp and angular. You may need to Weigh Paint near crack to vary the influence. But then you may need to sub divide the fragments as well.

I was going to test this but my newly installed Blender 2.64.0 will not do fracture for me! When I do fracture, it adds all this parts but nothing shows!