Mesh deforms too much when armature moves in Pose Mode

I’m using Blender 2.57.1, r36339.

Can anyone tell me why my mesh deforms way too much in Pose Mode when I move the individual bones? I start moving an individual bone, and the mesh moves two or three times as quickly. It doesn’t stick with the bones. The material I applied moves at yet a different rate.

I’m working on really simple meshes created mostly in Edit Mode, because I want to use the UDK exporter, which doesn’t seem to like any changes made in Object Mode.

I’ve followed several online tutorials that say pretty much the same thing, which I did:

  • Create simple mesh
  • Create bones
  • Position bones inside mesh
  • Make sure bones are named and parented correctly to each other
  • Parent mesh to armature, choosing “With Automatic Weights”

I’ve checked the vertex groups, and they seem appropriate. Part of the mesh is UV spheres with lots of vertices; part is long, thin cylinders with very few vertices. (I’m modeling a simple spider, spheres for body, cylinders for legs.) The same thing happens no matter which bone I move.

The same thing has happened with other simple models I’ve created over the past few days.

If there’s a place I can post my .blend file for your perusal, please let me know.


the only way I have seen this, is that maybe, just maybe you are using two or more armature modifiers piled one over another, you need only one, more of them is for very speciific purposes. But this may not be the case. A snapshot would be nice.

Yes two armature modifiers could be a problem, or some modifier conflict like applying the armature modifier on a mirrored mesh etc. Checking the Multi Modifier option on the ARM modifier could be a solution.

Yep, that was exactly what it was. There were several extra armatures in there; not sure how I did that. But it’s all fixed and working now.

Thanks very much!

glad it helped