Mesh Disappears once made a Cloth.

Hey everybody.

Anyways, I was working on this really quick model of a keyboard, and I wanted to simulate a power cord going out through the back, so I made a quick cylinder mesh, stretched it out, stuck it out the back and clicked Cloth, but the mesh disappeared. I ran through 1-9 to make sure it wasn’t in another layer, and also pressed Alt-H to see if I had accidentally hid it, but both were to avail. Does anyone know why this is happening? Also, if it makes a difference, one part of the mesh was pinned.

It’s possible you clicked Cloth while not at the first frame of the Cloth sim’s bake range (default is 1-250 iirc). If so, then the sim tries to to “jump” the cloth mesh into the proper configuration as a cloth object, and this can sometimes lead to it going far away from its normal location. Try hitting the Del/. key on the numpad when it disappears and see if that brings it back into view. It may also be rather “exploded” due to the glitched sim.

Pinning might keep the pinned portion in place, but only if pinned at weight 1.0