Mesh disappears when in Object mode.

Hi -

I’m adding detail to a Make Human manikin and parts of the mesh I’m adding disappear when I switch to Object mode leaving only a ragged edge.

Help !

When I saw this post I thought could you hit the letter H accidently and it hid that part of the mesh especially if it was highlighted. To get that back do alt-h. I have hit the wrong key numerous times myself. I am a noob myself so you may want to wait for someone who is more experienced.

its either what spanishrose said, or you have flipped normals and your in textured mode. go into edit mode. select all and hit ctrl+N to make normals consistant and see if that changed anything.

it could also be that you have part of mesh hidden, as rose suggested. but if you can see it all in edit mode, but not in object mode, its most likely flipped normals.

Post a file or at least full screenshots of edit and object mode. If your object has shapekeys results will not be predictable.

Thanks for the advice guys, apologies for not replying sooner I’ve been away from home for a while, I’ll try out your suggestions.