Mesh disintegrates/blurs during animation

I am very new to blender and trying to make a simple animation of a cat. I recently added the nose to the model (by pulling out a few points below the eyes) and now when I animate there is this weird disintegration/blurring effect appearing around the ears and eyes of the cat. I attached the ears to the body mesh using ‘join’, maybe that is where I went wrong? I had to affix the ears and eyes that way, otherwise they wouldn’t move with the head.

For some reason It won’t let me upload the .blend file (maybe b/c its over 2 meg?) but I attached a picture of the 100/120 frame. You can see the blurring effect.

Something else I just noticed is the tail also has a bit of that effect, although it wasn’t attached like the eyes and ears. Also in the blender GUI there is a weird ‘spray’ of vertices near the ears, but they fill up a much smaller space than the blur effect.



You have a Material assigned to some verts that has “Halo” set on.


No, thats not it, I checked all the materials and nothing has ‘Halo’ set. The blend file is 568 Kb and it when I try to upload it I get ‘invalid file’. Can someone explain how I can get my blend file on here so you guys can help me with this one?

Sign up there, he’s a blenderhead and offere that space for free. Then upload and paste the link here.


I removed all the materials and it still happens. I think it has something to do with a combination of animation + armatures + subsurf modifier. Someone please help!

You can get my blender file here:


You have a particle system turned on. Select the main body mesh, press F7 twice to get to the physics/particles buttons, and delete the particle system.

fuzzy chia cat. Serendipity in action.

By the way, I’m not sure what you meant by “removed all the materials”. For some reason, your materials were rendering solid black, and when I turned off ray mirror and ray transp they rendered normally. I’m not sure why they were rendering black, but I didn’t really investigate that closely.

Thanks alot everyone! The history was I originally had hair on the cat as static particles, but I had (thought) I disabled it because of the slow render times. I haven’t had a chance to look at my file yet, but what probably happened is I changed the particles from static to dynamic.