Mesh does not render ?

So, yeah this is going to sound really noobish, but for some odd reason ever since I added armatures to a model and made some action poses the model will not render. The funny part is that the particle system still renders just fine.

I have even gone back to previous files and found one that actually worked before I attached the rig to it. Nothings different besides no rig / actions. All of the mesh options are pretty much the same.

This is driving me sorta nuts, since I sorta want to test render it every once in a while but sadly the mesh just will not show. I have even reselected all the render layers, layers, and hid the mesh and displayed it again. However, nothing seems to work :no:.

The only thing I can possibly think of affecting it is the hair vertex group, but besides that nothing really comes off the top of my head as to why it is not rendering.

Any help will be appreciated, Thanks, Metric

go to the particle system and look for the button render “emitter”

Oh gosh, I knew it had to be something simple that I was forgetting :eek:. Thanks man.