Mesh Doesnt Change Even After Subdividing

I can’t figure out why my mesh doesnt change even if I try subdividing it. Doesnt change with multires either. Never had this issue before.

Do you have simplify enabled maybe? In render settings, simplify, max subdivision level at 0.

It was checked so I unchecked the box. The hair shifted a little and the skin looks smoother, plus the status bar also shows the number of faces has gone up so I think it worked. Her wireframe still remained the same though which is weird haha

If you have the hair particle system after the subsurf, you need to have the viewport and render levels to be the same (which you do), or you’ll get weird surprises when you render and the hair goes crazy. Better probably to have the hair system above the subsurf, but still after the armature.

Not sure on the wireframe.

Ah yes. I figured that out before but forgot about it. So many tiny little steps when doing things in blender haha. Thank you for your help!! Appreciate it!

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also to add, you won’t see any changes happen to the mesh if 1> you are not in Wireframe Mode. and 2> you have Optimal Display Checked.

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ah it was the optimal display! i dont even know when i must have accidentally clicked it!!

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