Mesh driving me crazy

Why does my mesh model get wrinkles all the time? I delete the faces and make new ones but after a while more wrinkles and deformation all over again. :eek:

Some screen shots or a blend file would help here. Don’t know exactly what you are having an issue with.


Sounds like a normals problem. Press Ctrl N see if that helps

I checked all faces and flipped the ones that were pointing wrong but still shows a few wrinkles… Blender internal and Yafray make different deformations.
When I render it in Yafray, the spotlights behind the character illuminate the inside of his head so it looks like light is coming out from the open mouth and eyelids but if I use Blenders internal renderer this doesn’t happen. Why is this?

It may be that you have extruded edges (or similar operation) and ended up with vertices that are close to each other which should in fact be the same vertex. In edit mode, try using the vertices => remove doubles option. Some of the vertices may not be repaired this way because they aren’t quite in exactly the same place. In wire-mode, block select (Bkey) to grap a vertex pair and hit SKEY-ZERO-LMB to match them up. Be careful not to accidently select vertices from the opposite side of your mesh (use MMB to rotate slightly). Then go through the vertices => remove doubles option to finalise the mesh.
Use the normals fix (CTRL-N) when you are done.

or maybe …