Mesh Edge Gaps and Black Artefacts


I was hoping someone would be able to help me. I am trying to render some city layouts in Blender but having issues with strange gaps in my mesh. You can see form the attached not only are there visible gaps in the mesh but the road network is showing strange black artifacts.
My workflow involved modelling the terrain and network in Rhino and exporting the surfaces (mesh) to .3ds files to load into Blender. I then extrude the road network manually in Blender. I am rendering the scene in Cycles Render with a HDRi environment mapping (although lighting with lamps seems to give the same result)
I’ve tried the following;

  1. remove duplicates
  2. solidifying roads
  3. various other modifiers which don’t work.

Hoping someone can advise me on why this is occurring. These gaps don’t seem present in shaded/material view, only when rendered.




At a glance, I would say it looks like you have ngons in there, and probably that not all of the vertices are level. And/or you have intersecting objects, confusing Blender as to where the correct edges and faces are.

Could you post a screenshot of your scene in wireframe and another in edit mode to give us a better idea of how your models are structured?


Below are the screen shots of the issue in different modes, my wire frame looks solid in edit mode and the issue dissapears if I raise the vertices, it’s almost as if Blender can;t handle the amount of vertices in the image and is corrupting. Since this I have downloaded the latest release and the issue still prevails…

ISSUE.blend (6.08 MB)