Mesh edge with a flipped normal

Hello all,

Been using blender for a short while now after an extended break. I have come across an issue that I cannot solve.

For some reason I have a series of connected edges that seem to have just that edge normal flipped or reversed. No matter what I do to fix it, flipping normals/recreating the face I only just seem to move the problem edge. Is there a way to fix this?


Thanks for any help you can offer.

It looks like half of the mesh is smoothed, but the other half isn’t. Select the mesh in object mode, and click ‘set smoth’ to make the whole mesh smooth.

In Edit mode, W >> Remove Doubles, Ctrl-N, Tab into Object mode and Ctrl-A.


Fligh must be seriously needing some good sleep.
Maybe it’s better if:
Tab into edit mode, A to select all vertices, W Remove Doubles, Ctrl N to recalculate normals.
If that didn’t work, see if there are internal (non-manifold) faces inside the model at that particular part… then delete those faces.

Yeah, thanks for the help. It was a smoothing issue.