Mesh edit tools 2.8

Everything seems to be working perfectly. Thank you so much!
Here’s how Project (endpoint) works. Select a face > Select edges to be projected > Project (endpoint) > End points of edges are projected/ extended to the face


awesome news, thanks for testing :slight_smile:

How? Add-ons name? :stuck_out_tongue:

Pie Menu Editor

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update in first post

Shameless request for a port of the Shift tool, an operator in Align tools in Chromoly Ctools.
It’s similar to Offset Edges, but it has an option that allows for more accuracy, as well as snapping while holding down ctrl.
Ex: Left = Shift, right = Offset Edges. I’m extruding from a circle (value/ width = 0.1=1cm=10 grid points), with Shift, it’s correctly 10 grid points out, with Offset Edges, it’s a bit over 10.

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possibly one day, currently it relies on some large files in the utils that all need to be translated and ported to 2.8 also. Chromoly did some awesome work. :slight_smile:
Next on the list is vertex align by zmj100


A great collection of addons in the Mesh Edit Tools! So Thank you a lot.
I made an overview of the features in this article


Does this mean that this addon is fully implemented into the nightly build of 2.8?

yes it’s in nighty builds and will be in 2.8 release


I’m glad I paid attention to your first post. I was having trouble getting the plugin to work on an older build of 2.8, so I tried the newest nightly build and it’s in there and working magnificently. I really appreciate this addon because I was trying to get everything to have precise values, but sometimes when I would resize objects/ or extrude those values would change slightly. However, with this I can use the set edge length tool to correct anything and do it to multiple edges at once which is really amazing to me.

Thanks, I make this addon/collection over many years with the help of many others. It’s good to see people use it and different people mentioning different functions that are included.

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Does the downloadable file at the top of the page work with 2.79b or is it already part of 2.79b?

The addon was in 2.79b, It’s now in 2.8 nightly builds… I removed the zip at the first post as it’s not needed.


Hey anphung

Tried following what you are doing here, but I keep getting the projecting perpendicular to the projected faces rather than how you show projecting up by varying amounts

Please can you explain this a little better - this functionality will save me a lot of time


Make sure you’re using Project (End-point) instead of Project.

And uncheck the Project Along Normal option in Project (End-point) (in the Adjust Last Operation panel)

How do you bring up the floorplan tool? Thanks

Open the sidebar. Open Edge Tools subpanel. Click the button.

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argh I am such an idiot! Was trying to project vertices not edges - man I feel oh so dense right now :rofl:

Thanks for the help

Great addon! Thank you @Meta-Androcto!

I have a suggestion:
Could you add Connect Vertex Path to the Vert Tools?

I know that it’s possible to use the J hotkey to perform this task (after selecting two vertices) but I think it would be handy to have a button to do the same on your “Mesh Tool” tab.