Mesh edit tools 2.8

does this work with 2.79 guys? if not please consider porting it!

Excellent tools! A very precious offer! Thanks!

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it’s been in blender for some time, including 2.79 releases

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but is it updated in 2.79?

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hi MichaelBenDavid. simple answer is no and it won’t be. The 2.79 version already included all the addons in the 2.8 version. The 2.79 version was much larger and included many more features. The 2.8 version was rewritten to fit in better with the 2.8 ui design and not all features were able to be ported to 2.8. Some were deliberately left out to make for a better more focused addon. I only work in a forwards direction so I won’t be looking back to the 2.79 version again.