Mesh edit tools 2.8

hi, I’ve been working on rebuilding the mesh edit tools addon.
Many changes have been made.
Implemented new ui using looptools code:

Expose multi selection modes vert/edge/face and combinations:

Some built in tools are included, The focus is on insets, extrudes, and tools to help in edit mode:

Currently this addon is in nightly builds in the testing category.



Fixed … (13.2 KB)

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thank you, it was the poll that got me. :slight_smile:

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maybe to add Snap Bisect …

Glad to see they are not forgotten I love it! What you think about adding edge roundifier ?

looking at edge roundify now, it appears working but ui needs rewrite somewhat.

snap bisect could be ok, need to get info from emu

It seems, that the file is corrupt…

in what way? are you using a nightly build?

Download your script --> open with text editor doesn´t work, which is strange…
It only throws me a warning, that it can´t find the encoding.
For you guys it is working?

working here… not sure what’s wrong.

All other files in there are working/opening properly, don´t know either.
Maybe some other people can test…

A GREAT THANKS Meta-Androcto !

Updated in first post: added back push pull faces and edge roundify file

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Hey, offset edges addon still doesn’t work with 2 mirror modifiers on the object.

Here’s the sample file
sample.blend (185.0 KB)

thanks for the report, will fix soon. It seems your not using offset edges from the Mesh Tools addon in the first post. Your file seems to work with the version in the tools. let me know, I did find another bug involving mirror using your file

Updated mesh offset edges to work with mirror modifier checkbox.

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Sorry if this is not the right place to post this. But do you have plans to port these tools, especially “Project Endpoint”?

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hi, hopefully for 2.8, if not, hopefully soon after… time…

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hi, most things are working, could you test out and let me know. not sure how to use project point correct… (72.0 KB)

feel free to help with edge tools if you can