[Mesh editing] Geodesic outline of selection


(IPv6) #1

Addon makes an “outline” for selected vertices of any kind, cutting surround geometry on exact geodesic distance from selection.

  • Outline created on the mesh itself, making new edges through existing faces at specified distance

  • Geodesic means that distance calculated along the surface, not in 3D space. So its following all ridges and valleys of mesh flow nicely.

  • It also keeps your UVs, vertex colors and vertex groups properly divided for the cut

  • Works on any mesh, not only “regular” ones. Triangles, quads, bare edges, etc.

  • Intended for use with Blender 2.7x

Q: Why i need this addon? Build-in “bevel” operator can be used for similar task!
A: Build-in “bevel” operator has a lot of limitations. Namely it can’t handle irregular mesh right, it can’t follow the surface, it make ugly floating faces when there is no place left, etc, etc. Geodesic outline, in other hand, works everywhere, no restrictions on mesh and selection

It’s here (PAID): https://gumroad.com/l/wpl_geodo ($5)

(bkjernisted) #2

If this addon would help do folds (furniture) and wrinkles could you do a short demo video. Thanks