Mesh explosion in multiple directions


I’m trying to make a mesh explode in 2 different directions.
For that I’m using 2 partical systems, mostly similar, but with mirrored initial speed vectors, and this hierarchy for the object modifiers:

  1. (particle system 1)
  2. Explode
  3. (particle system 2)
  4. Explode

(when I just tried to place an Explode modifier after 2 particle systems, it only used the last one)

Basically, this does the job pretty well - except it gets a bit odd when there’s longer time between the start and the end of particle emmission - because with this setup, one particle system basically spawns out of the other, and, when rendering, one particle can get emmitted, fly for a bit, and then spawn another particle flying in the opposite direction. Because of this sudden change of direction, it doesn’t look good enough.

So, I’m wondering, is there a better way to make a mesh explode in 2 pre-defined directions, with one half of the particles going one way and other half going the other?

I ended up getting into Edit mode, choosing to Select -> Random polygons, and then splitting them into a seperate object (“P” key). That split the mesh into 2 objects, and I’ve left each one with just 1 particle system and explosion modifier. That did the trick, and now the animation looks good.

Still interested if anyone has any more suggestions on making multidirectional (in several, not all directions) explosions.