Mesh Extra Objects

In 2.81, in the add-on Mesh Extra Objects for objects Gears, Wallfactory, Beam, Pipe, Gem, Diamond, Brilliant added the ability to return to editing the options for the created object. In the context menu there is “Change [the name of the object]”. Has anyone used it? Where else to add such an option?

You can create an object. Scale it, rotate, duplicate, add modifiers, etc., and then return to editing the parameters.


Hi, yes, it belongs to gears addon, not in all the mesh objects atm. After you have created a gear or several gears you can select any and call the operator again to make changes. I think this is a quite good feature, maybe not well known enough. Useful in adjusting complex sets of gears in this case. It also works on duplicated objects. It could be a nice thing for all add mesh?


I plan to add to all objects except very simple ones and where this or a similar function has already been implemented.

added some ui changes yesterday, exposed the sub menu’s so the depth of menu is reduced.
Just wondering if this “Parametric style” could /should be added to other elements? curve objects? other mesh?

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Thanks for the work.

I previously added a parametric style to Geodesic Domes. Try it at your leisure.

So far, it’s planned to add a parametric style to the BoltFactory and Sapling Tree Gen.

P.S. Icons for all items would not hurt to Blender.

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hi again, I did notice this method is quite destructive to modifiers and materials, we need to think about making that known.

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Solved the problem of the destruction of modifiers and materials.

Added this solution to Mesh Extra Objects.

Now when you click “Change [Object]” materials and modifiers are not reset.

Also I added this feature to the BoltFactory addon.


Addon updated.

Fixed bug when adding objects with the option Editing> Objects> New Objects> Enter Edit Mode enabled.

Addon updated.

v. 0.3.7 (06-09-2020)
Fixed adding mesh in EditMode removes modifiers