Mesh fall

hi guys i wanna slay my necklace on a rack support but i didnt figure it out.

Something like this?

Torus has Cloth & Soft Body physics enabled.
Pillar/cube has Collision physics enabled.

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With cloth simulation:
collar.blend (184.4 KB)


hi i fail the necklace making i didnt understand i tried few times and didnt go well can u show me what did u use to do that necklace

Level 1
It is a very simple necklace,
just create a circle,
assign cloth modifier,
pin one vertex (create vertex group an assign one or maybe two vertices where the necklace is hinged),
in the physics properties → shape → select the pin group,
make a quick test by playing the animation.
You should see a simple string moving like desired.

Now we need to give it some geometry.
For a simple necklace like this create a sphere (pearl).
Make the circle (string) parent of the sphere (pearl).
Select the circle → Object properties → Instancing → Vertices,
so at every vertex you get a pearl.
That is an simple an quick way, but it lacks collision.

Level 2
Unfortunately a string can have no collision so we need faces.
Select the circle → Object properties → Instancing → Faces.
Edit mode → extrude so that it gives you nice regular quads
(edited BAD: make face on the ring, inset so it fits your pearls, delete the inner face.
it gives not clean quads, so the simulation can get weird with the size of the quads,
may be desired in some ways)
Check the pin vertex group and correct them.
Now it will collide with other objects.
Create a object to collide with → Physics Prop → Collision
Play the animation and tweak the
Physic Properties → Collision distance until it works as expected, if the necklace crumbles and/or fly away lower the distance.
Also maybe you need to tweak Stiffness and Vertex Mass.

Level 3
Enable self collision and tweak the distance as for the collision before.
collar.blend (396.5 KB)

Secret Level
It should be possible to hook something like an Amulett to it. Did not test it out.

Level 4


thank you for all efforts to teaching all of us this <3