Mesh flies off Armature problem

I am trying (ineptly) to rig a human model with an armature using vertex groups
I got it all working with the mesh sitting on top of the armature and all the poses working ok, It looks fine when I save my blender file but when I load the file again the mesh has flown off the armature rig to one side and is all distorted.
I can grab the mesh and it goes back on the rig and works ok but its kind of irritating and I don’t know why its happening…
The model was attached to an earlier version of my armature but it was pants so I deleted the armature and I assumed it wouldn’t effect it any more
I have also copied the human object and the armature to make 3 figures I can animate independently
anyone any ideas why this happens?:spin:

Select the mesh, and check in the IPO window that you havent sent any animation keys on the mesh.

Also … though this probably wouldn’t be the problem here, check that you don’t have any OBJECT mode keys on your armature ( only POSE mode keys are generally set on an armature … the type of key(s) that have been set can be seen in the IPO window .

If you still can’t figure it out, post the blend file somewhere (4shared is a good free site), and I’ll take a look at it.



You where right there where animation keys set for the mesh - deleting them fixed the problem