Mesh follows bone but not vise versa on grab.

example_box.blend (501 KB)

In the attached example file, I have a box with a lid as meshes inside single object. A bone articulates the lid separate from the mesh. That’s what I wanted. Good so far.

Annoyance #1 (the main one).

When I grab and drag the bone the box follows. Also good.
But if I grab and drag the box the bone is left behind. Not so good.

Annoyance #2

I can’t seem to find a reliable way to constrain the bone to rotate only in Z so that the lid will only open properly without ability to twist or pry off sideways. Any ideas on that would be appreciated.

Annoyance #3

I would have thought it best not to have to offset the bone in Z but to have left it kind of centered in the lid. When I leave it there, though, then even with the box at zero weight, it still distorts (just a little) right next to the pivot point of the bone.

I had set the weight of the non-lid box vertices manually at zero. Also they removed from the vertex group for the bone. In theory they should be totally unaffected, yes?