Mesh from Blender dont display correct in Substance Painter

I imported a mesh I modeled in Blender but the mesh isnt showing up correct, it have non-two sided materials on it. But in Blender it shows up fine. How can I fix this? Screenshots:

Check to see if the normals are flipped for those problem areas

Thanks for your fast reply. I get flipped normals in these areas on the mesh. Can I fix this with materials settings in Blender or must I fix it on the mesh?

Select all in Edit mode and then Shift+N should Recalculate Normals to be consistent. Blue should be facing outwards (i.e. correct).

I tried to re-calculate normals, but it still have the errors inside Substance Painter.

If you are are still seeing red instead of blue you still have flipped normals. If Blender can recalculate these automatically it means you have other issues going on.

Can you share a blend file with just the chest object?

Sure, I provided the Blend file here. Its a pretty highpoly object. (Please dont use it, its for a contest) I had this image for reference:

Check if you have any loose geometry or non manifold edges.
There have been cases where I have loose faces on their own that was impossible to “recalculate normal” and would flip wrongly when attempting to do so even if manually flipped correctly.

Downloading it, I see you have face geometry overlapping other face geometry. Easy to spot the z-fighting. In fact there seems to be 3 overlapping faces.

There are some other geometry issues as well. With face orientation on, select the inner/lower piece thingy and move it downward and more overlapping faces and face normal issues are shown.

Unless it’s a requirement of the compo to model it the way you did, I would consider building it like the real thing; with individual shaped wooden pieces put together to form the chest. Instead of everything merged into a single mesh, that you can do later.

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It has very many: duplicate vertices, internal faces, non-manifold geometry. The really dense geometry on the top of the chest isn’t helping see what’s going on. It’s subdivided much more than it needs to be and the extra points are all straight which means they aren’t even contributing to the shape.

It looks as though at some point you have used a Mirror modifier which has been applied incorrectly.

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So I should remodel it in a cleaner way? It wasnt very easy to make these shapes. What would be the most logical way to model a chest like this?

Break it down into sections as @CarlG suggested. If I was doing it I would at the very least model the lid separately. It doesn’t need much more geometry than this. With the addition of suitable supporting edge loops this could then have a subdivision surface modifier added to smooth out the curves. If you are modeling something like the inset pieces then try Alt+E and extrude along normals instead of normal Extrude. Then you won’t get the severe undercuts like you had on those areas on your model.

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That looks great, do you think you could share the Blend file so I could inspect it? :slight_smile: Thanks for your time and help so far.

Hi, like others have said. You need to simplify your modeling. Look into tutorials online how to model easier stuff and use that knowledge to make a better mesh.

The wireframe of the lid pretty much tells it all. Besides, if it is for a contest…?

You are right, maybe I should try to model it in a cleaner way myself :slight_smile:

Sorry. I didn’t save that file. There wasn’t much too it. Circle. Extrude inwards to to form thin ring. Delete bottom half. Extrude to form overall lid shape. Add edge loops along length at appropriate places. Select faces to be inset and Alt+E extrude inwards along normals.