Mesh from Maya is double sided?

hey folks!

i tried to import a fbx from maya into blender, but it has problems with the face orientation. i flipped the normals, which also doesnt change the behaviour.

and as well, objects in the background are visible through the foreground objects.

this is how it looks actually

reaaaly hope you can help here :slight_smile:

are you sure you donโ€™t have faces overlapping? Also sometimes there are some problems with imported files that you can fix in the Properties panel > Object Data > Geometry Data > Clear Custom Split Normals Data

If the problem is from camera view, you select the camera and from properties, Lens item you play with Clip Start (not so small) and Clip End (not so big) values. If the problem is not from camera view, the same but from N panel, View item.
The problem generally occurs with very large scenes. Iโ€™m not sure if this can be considered a bug at some point or if it is really a limitation.

What I have said is if it is not about overlapping faces of course.

thanks a lot! it was the wrong scale in the maya fbx 0.01 instead of 1

i needed to apply the transformations, so the scale of the solidify modifier was big enough to be visible.

now thats right:

but how can i get rid of the transparent objects in the background?