mesh gets messed up and..

hi all,
ive been trying to unparent the mesh from the armature without keeping the transformation however i cant seem to find a way out of this glitch,after unparenting the mesh gets all messed up and i cant get it back to the bones properly,and i also noticed that theres a whole bunch of armatures set up on the bones settings,considering im not used to the newblender version interface at all ,im asking for some help and i hope this “issue” gets fixed as soon as some1 reads this…i took a couple of screenshots in order to make it easier to recognize the problem…

here they are :
Uploaded with
Uploaded with
Uploaded with

thanks in advance for any help,

Bump…can anyone help me out?

you could try this
In pose mode select all the bones
Then clear the location rotation scale and origin
Open the dope sheet and clear all of the keyframes and then unparent

What are you trying to accomplish here exactly? Why do you want to unparent the mesh?

Problem fixed,sorry for taking that long to reply back…ctrl+a did the trick…thanks guys