Mesh goes crazy after "Armature Deform with Automated Weights"

I’m currently rigging my first character and so far, everything’s been going great.

I have now finsihed the rig and after using the “Armature Deform with Automated Weights”, I have a big problem:

The mesh from the hips downwards completely deforms.
The fix to this is rotating the pole angle of the IK constraints on the lower legs by 180 degrees.
However, after I do that, moving the legs through my “leg control bone” will bend the knees in the wrong direction (which makes sense since I rotated the pole angle). I can’t figure out how to fix the mesh without messing up my rig by changing the pole angle.

I have uploaded my blend file here

This is the character BEFORE Armature Deform with Automated Weights, in case the problem needs to be fixed when the mesh is still “independent”. To reproduce my problems, simply select mesh and rig in Object Mode and hit Ctrl + P, then click “with Automated Weights”

(I’m a new user so I can’t attach anything to my posts yet :frowning:)

Since this is for a uni project that I have to hand in on Monday, I’d be eternally grateful for anyone willing to help. Thank you all so much in advance.

Hey, your issue is coming from improper ‘Bone Roll’, fix all those bones roll (there are many), also when it comes to joints like knees/elbows - where the two bones come together - select head/tail (edit mode) and move them towards the ‘Pole target’ just slightly. When you have two bones (with IK) that are ‘inline’ the IK solver has no idea which way you want them to bend, thus if you give those bones a starting angle (bend) it will.
OOOPs forgot to mention about always enable ‘Bone Axis’ display or you won’t see how the bones are playing together :grimacing:
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Hey man, thanks a lot for the fast response and thanks for the warm welcome!

Where do I fix the bone roll? Edit mode and then Transform -> Tail -> Roll? Is that the setting you mean? Or are you talking about another setting I’m overlooking right now? I’m on Blender 2.8…

Sorry if this seems like a stupid question, I’m new to Blender haha

Hey, I am not on 2.8 so I will leave a link to the wiki page for bone roll in 2.8
There are NO stupid questions - we all learn to walk before we run…