Mesh Hair Rigging Problem D:

Okay everyone… I am having a simple issue with adding Mesh Hair to an existing Base (Nude) Mesh. So, everything is going good, but I am curious before I start the next part in this. I have clothing on my model, along with glasses. I know a little about separating the objects and then parenting them to the armature after the basemodel (Nude) model has been already weight painted… BUT I have mesh hair on her! do I treat the mesh hair the same as the seperated objects? (clothing etc.) So basically what I need to know is, do I seperate the mesh hair and parent it to the armiture after the nude model has been weight painted? And then paint the hair?

Thanks for your time :slight_smile:

Well no one ended up replying… I hope that if I have a problem again, someone will actually be able to help assess it here on BlenderArtists.

Anyways, Problem Fixed. I simply parented the mesh hair to the head bone of the armature. (I am such a noob :P)