Mesh inside out -- recalculate outside puts normals facing inside


I have a model I’m going to duplicate many times, so I’d like to fix this if I can. I made the original model using a bezier curve and the screw modifier. Now I notice that the mesh is “inside out”. When I recalculate the normals outside, they face inside. When I recalculate the normals inside, they face outside. Is there any way to fix this? Thanks.

Sounds like the model has some funky non-manifold topology, so Blender is having trouble telling which side is in and which side is out. Try removing doubles to see if that helps, otherwise it’s hard to say more without seeing the model in question.

Thanks K Horseman, That’s the problem. My model is a curved cylinder, open on both ends. I wanted to leave the ends open because I don’t need them capped and because they complicate the UV mesh. Guess I’ll have to figure something out.

Check for other non-manifold geometry aside from the open caps. If you used a screw modifier, I don’t know how tightly wound it is but it’s possible you have edges with more than 2 attached faces. That’s going to be your major source of confused normals if it exists in your mesh.