Mesh is black in 3D view after assigning normals map and texture map.

Hello there. I’ve been working on a project for a few days now and I’ve been so caught up in creating the textures for the texture map that I just noticed the mesh is completely black in 3D view. It was fine after I had baked the normals from it’s sculpt and applied them to it in the textures window. I believe it happened after I applied the texture map. I have tried flipping normals which hasn’t helped and of course I have lighting. I have attached two images of the mesh as well.

The screenshots nicely show your object is black but totally misses out all the useful information.
Attach orpost a link to your blend file. Ensure you pack textures into your blend file first (from File / External Data menu)

Ok sorry about that, I edited the original post and included the file.

In the properties panel (N) under Display, change the shading from multitextured to GLSL.

Thank you, I really appreciate it.