Mesh is different in edit mode and in object mode

hi there, see i’m modelling cap’n blender from tony mullen’s book and i have come across the following problem:
i have already modeled, applied the mirror modifier and added materials to it, but i realised the eyes were out of their sockets so i turned on the mirror x-axis thingy and rearranged that, but once i hit the tab key to see how it looks, it looks exactly the same it did before rearrenging that. So i was wondering if anybody could give some help here, please :o.

Oh and sth else, i pressed ‘i’ like 6 times because tony mullen said so (so that i could select the belt) and in the ‘i’ key drop down menu i selected mesh… and now the 3D view reads (1) Plane: Key 7. Maybe that means sth to you but please help me!!! i don’t want to lose my captain blender for the 3rd time :frowning:

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Post the .blend and someone will check it out …

From the sounds of things, it looks like you’ve created a shape key that has the eyes positioned in a new place. However, the change you made was to a shape key that you’re not currently viewing. The answers to most of the problems you’re likely to be experiencing are in the Shapes panel of the Edit buttons (F9). Depending on which shape you modified, you may have to adjust the eyes in all seven of the keys you’ve created.

Can you go the the NLA editor and delete the keys you locked with (i) from there?