Mesh is moving after leaving edit mode for bones (updated with .blend)

So I have a character that consists of several non deforming mesh parts bound to a rig so that each mesh has its own bone. The problem is that this rig is auto generated, and that auto generation didnt quite place the bone joints where I want the mesh the rigs joints to be, making animation difficult. However if I go into edit mode to correct these joints, once getting out of edit mode the model that is bound to it will undergo any positional/rotational (but not scaler) transitions that the bone does. Its as if blender is treating my editing of the rig as posing, except I am not in pose mode.

While I can move the mesh back to where it was and things will behave normally, this is a time consuming process and not exact, so I would rather not. If anyone has any idea how I can edit the rig without causing the meshes attached to the bones to also move, I would be grateful.

Thanks in advance.Test1.blend (2.5 MB)

Since there is no blend file to look at I am guessing you used “bone” parenting, in which case if you move the head of the bone, the mesh will move the same amount also when you exit edit mode.

There is no quick solution, but to get accuracy, you should remove each mesh parent, then edit the armature, then re-parent.

Next time you do this, get the armature right before parenting…

Also, to stop us having to guess what you did, please post a blend file, or at the very least full window screen shots so we can see what you did. Often you will not get replies if you don’t post blend files, but I am in a generous mood today!

Cheers, Clock. :beers:

Sorry for the late reply, wasent at home to be able to upload the file. I don’t use parenting in blender, so I am not 100% on this, but best I can tell the rig is not a parent or child of any other asset, though the symptoms match perfectly, so I may just be looking in the wrong place.

As I wasent quite clear before, everything (the model, the rig, the bones and any joins) are auto generated by a plugin which allows me to import models from another program do the animation in blender, and then rexport them instead of using said programs built in animation editor. Which is why I dont have the luxury of just making sure the bones are where I want them before joining them to the model.

All the mesh objects have “child of” constraints driven by a bone of the rig. Any movement of a bone in edit mode is going to change the position of the constrained mesh in object mode. In this case you will need to edit BOTH the bone position and the mesh position in their perspective edit modes. Hope this makes sense.

Just to add on to pappy, your mesh has unapplied locations as well as rotations and your locations from your import are not centered. Since you had constaints on the mesh that is where it is “frozen” . If you disable the constrainst or unclick things like rotation on the feet you will see your mesh turn around to the actual position. Your scale is 1.0 so it is ok. You might try to adjust your import so that you end up correctly and then you can simply disable the constraint, change your bone in edit mode. and then enable the constraint. Sometimes you can just reset the set inverse and that may work. Additionally, if you are aiming to animate this then your animations may be screwed up when you export this back. But if you with to pursue it like it is, then follow pappy’s advice and hope your animation will work.