Mesh is showing through the back in other programs

Hello! I’m Kini and I’m here looking for help.
I’ve been struggling to solve a problem for weeks now, but I don’t even know the words to properly express the problem, so I haven’t even started searching. If anyone can help, I would be so happy.

Here is the problem situation in my work (in maya or Zbrush, looks same)

As you can see, these meshes are shaped like hair, but the inside (back) is showing through. I don’t think it’s a Texture issue (Alpha thing), because this Mesh only has a Basecolour applied to it.

However, the same mesh looked fine in Blender. (Cycle and EEVEE both)

This is a Mesh that was worked on in Blender with Curve to mesh. I followed this tutorial as I am a beginner. #

After some unsure googling, I got the answer that this is often a problem with meshes that are too thin, but I still haven’t figured out how to fix it. How is having a mesh that is too thin a problem? My Body Mesh doesn’t have the same problem. I even tried applying solidify to the individual meshes, but even applying 0.0001 made them look different, so I couldn’t use it. I am trying to retopo or rig this mesh (in maya)

I don’t think it’s an easy problem to solve, but I’d be happy to know the words to search for to solve it. Thanks for reading!

Thanks for the advice, I attach the blender file. I hope there is no problem with this method.

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I don’t think that is too thin… but of course it is a bit difficult to see because they are from different angles… it also could be possible that wee see inverted normals in Maya ?? Maybe you could spent a little time here so you can upload a blend file… If you don’t want to share everthing maybe only some overalpping part of it so that someone can investigate this ??


Tip (just in case): to check for inverted normals go to right corner of the screen, Viewport Overlays > Face Orientation. Red means its the wrong side forward.


Notifications says attachments are not allowed because I’m a new user. I’m trying to see if there is another way I can share the file now. Thanks!

Yes… :wink:

I just wanted to make you see what wonderfull community this is so you will stay here after your question was answered… you would not believe how many just do that…

So after you invested the time you would also be less tempted to leave :wink:

( of course you can share a link to any file shareing platform… but then this would fail in the future and would be no help for others…)

Thanks for the feedback, I’ve added it.


You’re a genius. This was all solved in less than 5 minutes. Thank you so much I don’t know how to express this gratitude.

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The normal is flipped. (Red)
Select all red objects → Edit mode → Shift+N.

You can check the normal with the part shown in the image


I wrote this page with the intention of coming back to it in a month or so… As it turned out, I solved it in less than an hour with the help of the world. You all are amazing and I’ll be back tomorrow to this wonderful place (cries)


Thanks! I succeeded in flipping the Normal, do you happen to know how to fill in the Holes at that end?

You can try to select all (in Edit Mode), press F3, type Fill Holes, it might work

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It’s because the ends are open.
Close it or combine vertex.

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Thanks, this is my first time using the F3 key. But it didn’t work because the open area was wide (note for other searchers) I’ll try the method of joining vertices that oo_1942 told me in the answer below!

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f3 sounds like a typo…
Use f2 Addon. It helps in many ways.

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F3 (Function 3) is Blender’s operator search, Blender makes extensive use of the Function keys (F12 is Render Image, for example)


Yes, I actually found it and was able to use it. Thanks, I’m going to try F2 as well.

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Thank you ! This answer solved all my questions. I have one more small question in terms of tips: if I join them with at centre, the ends will be pointy. That’s not a problem at all, but is there a way to get a more rounded finish? (I think ‘O’ would help me, for example, but I’m not sure how to use it).

Not if you merge them- however, if you instead of merging, press W and choose Grid Fill (or F3 > Grid Fill), that will work

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What steps are required before I can press the W key? I selected the open vertices and pressed w, but nothing happened.

I’m stupid, it’s Ctrl F > Grid Fill. I usually just use quick favorites for these things, so I’m a little rusty on shortcuts
sidenote- I like your Baba is You avatar

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