Mesh is wireframe in Object mode

Hi! Having a bit trouble in my scene! I made a zip file of my project folder and opened it on a another computer. However when I open it, the mesh is displayed in wireframe mode, even if it´s in object/texture mode. I wont show up during render either. I made a new cube in my scene and as you can see, it´s display normally as an object, in object mode. What is the problem here? I´ve googled around and can´t find an answer to my problem.



Attach or link to your blend file.
What version of blender was the model made with and what version of blender are you using to open it ?

I made it in 2.65 and opened it 2.61. Could that be the problem? I have my laptop next to me as well which runs 2.65 and it´s displayed correctly on there… Would be truly great if I could make it work on 2.61 though since that is the version the computers in my university runs.

Blender pre 2.63 uses a different mesh structure that that in current versions. When you save your blend file look in the bottom left corner of the blender file browser window and you’ll have the option to save as a ‘Legacy Mesh Format’ for use with older blender versions.

Alternatively export your model as an .obj file and then import that into your older blender version.


Thank you! :slight_smile: