Mesh - joining and smoothing

Hi Guys, in the image is a simplified laser scan imported to blender as a .obj mesh (after following some advice given on a previous post). I am trying to make a model (in this case its an anchor). My question is looking at the image below, does anyone know how I can join the highlighted edges and then smooth them down while preserving the approximate geometry of the anchor (ideally forming a nice curved/bevelled edge)?

(I have tried using the fill command, which has created a very uneven surface for me in trials, but I can’t work out how to then smooth out that surface…)

Really appreciate any help on this as I am very stuck.

Here is one solution for that: one_solution.blend (133.8 KB)

Select the edges
Extrude them
Make a vertex group of them
Create the desired shape of the edge
Shrinkwrap the vertex group to the shape
Apply modifier
Bridge edge loops
Bevel as desired

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select edges on the open edge, extrude them to open side to make sure imaginative smooth final edge is covered with faces. then from the top view cut with knife the edgeline you need. finish cut, hide the verts and delete vertices leftovers. you get nice smooth edge (line of edges) for the shape. then you can extrude this edge to the depth you need

it is faster then trying to “merge” broken shapes together

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Honestly can’t thank you enough for taking the time with especially with the example, that really has helped so much!!!

Thank you so much for this too, I am using a blend of this and the post above, can’t thank either of you enough for helping out here…really has made my evening so much easier!!

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