Mesh joining question.

If I have 2 seprate meshs and I need to join them together, do I just line up the verteres? If I join them together do they become one or how do I approch this?

Hope this made sense.


Ctrl+J is join meshes. If verts from the meshes are extremely close together, you can press W->Remove Doubles. Otherwise you can do it manually by selecting pairs of verts and pressing W->Merge

If I do this will the two mesh become one or still separate meshes? I kind of need to keep each mesh seprate to keep the poly count under 64K


They become one mesh, but they remain disjoint trees (unless you remove doubles or otherwise merge vertices). Do you mean 64K per mesh? Otherwise the poly count doesn’t change.

Here is what I am trying to do:

I have a number of land terrain meshes I made from L3DT (4096 to be exact). I have run decimeter on them to reduce the vertex count to acceptable level and need to tile them. The problem I see is the vertex from one mesh do not line up with the vertex from its neighor so I now have to align them if I don’t line the vertex then the texture shows a empty space at certain angles and in the game engine my avatar could fall through the terrain.

The game engine crashes if the vertex count exceeds 64K per mesh on loading them so I need to align the vertex and keep the mesh separate. Later I will run a join from the game SDK where the 64K limit is not an issue.

I hope this explains it.


What you could do is merge the verts, then do seperate. That would ensure that the line up but then you could make them seperate meshes again.

You can possibly file a bug report on crashing on greater than 64k mesh.


Thank you very much. Merge and separate will do the trick.

BTW- the game engine is not Blender. I am using a different one. I considered Blender engine but at this point in development the engine does not do what I want it to and I don’t have time to rewrite the engine to do what I want it to.