mesh jumps away from Armature

I’m trying to reattach an old model to its armature
It was always a bit buggy and I’m trying to fix some problems.
I unparented the mesh form the armature
I cleared the objects rotation, location etc
Reset the centre as it was off to one side
I then moved the mesh back over the armature and scaled it to fit
I then reattached the armature using the modifier stack
Trouble is, if I do pretty well anything (move a frame, Ctrl Z to undo etc) the mesh jumps off the armature a large distance on the X axis.
What have I done wrong?

I also cant seem to make the blend file small enough to upload. Its a human figure with about 5 textures but it is over 4mb in size and even compressed its 1.5mb. I tried unpacking external data but it didn’t appear to have any effect. Any ideas as to how I can reduce its size? I appended the model and armature from a much larger scene is this the problem?

Did you use Ctrl-A ->Apply scale/rot data to object before adding the armature modifier? In object mode, in the transform properties window (n-key in 3d view) are all the settings for loc/rot/scale set to 0?

The textures may still be part of the .blend. In 2.49 it can be a bit difficult to get rid of textures and images…


Applying scale and rotation before adding the armature did the trick!