mesh keeps shifting

I’m putting an armature on a character mesh. As long as I have the file open everything works fine. But then the next time I open the file the mesh has shifted 7 or 8 units to the right. I move it back, work on it, save what I’ve done and the next time I open the file the mesh is back on the left.

Anyone have suggestions on what I can do to make it stop doing that!?!?:eek:

before you save your file, return your bones to the original position (alt + G) = location , and (alt + R) = rotation. Than select the object and hit alt + A, and then do the same to the armature in object mode.

see if that helps any

No, it is still shifting when I close the file and then open it up again.


First check if your mesh has a keyed LocRotScale.

If it has return it to the original position and delete the Object Ipo’s.

Fort Ash

three cheers for Fort Ash!!

That was it. I much appreciate the help.


Always glad I can help!
Good luck on continuing your work.

Fort Ash