Mesh layed on another?

I have a 3d terrain made of triangular faces and above have a 2d mesh with the roads (on the same plane). Is there any tool or script that lay down the vertices of the roads on the terrain?

Or can you give me an example of how to use the clip value of “Intersect” function in Mathutils, giving the value of 1?

Thank you very much!

you could try geomtool. i think it does intersect too.

I have a similar script in this forum “Trim/extend” that basically does the same thing with the same limitation, we have to select just one face to be the intersection plane.
I simply can’t use the clip = 1, it gives me error. Don’t know if it’s a bug or just my ignorance. That’s why i’m asking for an example with the clip value = 1.

Thank you the same.