Mesh leaves armature????

Hi Folks!

May I introduce myself very briefly:
I’m Simon (or Gaston, whatever you prefer), 30 years old, from Switzerland, and a complete noob concerning blender, 3d art, whatsoever. And I must say that this great piece of software kept me from sleeping for days now!!!:eek: :smiley: It’s so great figuring out all the features!!

But at the moment it’s driving me nuts! I hope, you can help me!

Status quo ante: An ugly little guy (actually from BSoD tutorial about animation) with an armature. It used to work - i mean walk perfectly, had two nice eyes looking around while walking.
For those who don’t know the tut: The eyes are parented to the head bone and have been told to “look” at an “external” bone by a tracking constraint.

Now somehow something has been messed up. The eyes fall out of the head during animation of the ugly guy. Including some additional keys here and there made the eyes return into the head, but just to leave it a moment later.
By closer inspection, I saw that the eyes stay at their place perfectly, it’s the head, even the hole body that not only leaves the eyes, but also the whole armature!!!
So - the armature and the eyes work - walk perfectly. But the ugly guy’s body-mesh just drops a bit down and comes up again.
Additionally, if I enter the mesh’s edit mode, somewhen the eyes are correct, but not always, and if I correct them, then, if I return to object mode, they’re at the wront place again!

HELP ME!! I’m not Picasso!!! I want my ugly man to be ugly, but not monster-like!!!:eek:

(I’m tired…:smiley: )

Hope you can help…

Regards, Simon

Goto the IPO window and look in Object Context if you have keyframes on the Mesh. If you do delete them. If not please post the .blend.


THANK YOU!!! I did have some keys there, indeed! IPO, that’s one of the things, I wanted to look at eventually!:slight_smile:

Oh, d*****, you must be laughing at me now… But as I told, I’m a complete noob!:rolleyes:

Now that I saw, that even if it seems that Blender messed up something, it may turn out not to be a mistake of Blender (acutally, messing up something between my ears will certainly be more often:D ), and that you guys are able and willing to help very effectivly, I will come along with some other maybe stupid questions! There’s actually one thing that also almost made me throw my Laptop against a wall…:slight_smile:

But first I have make some stupid test… work work work…:mad: