Mesh Library?

Does anybody know a good object library with blender-compatible meshes?

I specially look for little extra parts to put on a ship just as life rafts, life belts, life boats, winches, rigging parts, lanterns, winded hawsers, stairs, portholes, bulkheads, flags - stuff like this. Like always I need this quick - I know there is not a big chance for me to avoid modeling these things myself. Nevermind.

But maybe for the future it is a good idea to establish a free blender mesh-pool on the net, especially for the little extras that are needed frequently in typical 3D scenes just as screws and nuts, furniture, tv-sets, telephones, door knobs, window frames, cutlery, keyboards, monitors, car-seats, tires, plants and flowers, maybe some kinds of weapons. What do you think?


You can search this site. I’m a member there and have seen many threads with models offered of all kinds of boat hulls and fittings and equipment.


You don’t need to search for Blender compatible meshes i.e. .Blend files because Blender imports loads of different types of meshes via scripts. I think the most popular file format is .obj, which are Wavefront OBJ files. That’s what I use all the time now.

There are thousands of OBJ file around the internet, try out:
and you could search for “free obj models” in Google for more results.

Now, in order to import the models, you will need the OBJ loader script for Blender.
a direct link is

If you want other scripts like the obj export script, the site is at:

for general import/export scripts, go to

In case you don’t know how to work it, just go to the text editor and open the script, then do alt-p to run it. Select the .obj file and the mesh will appear in Blender. You might have to rotate the mesh, though. Maya specifies y axis to be up but Blender specifies z so my Maya OBJ models loaded in 90 degrees out.