Mesh lines show up in object mode...

Hi there.
Please look at the attached image.
When I created this mesh (from extruding and spinning vertexes, etc. then filling and beutifiing) when I go back into object mode you can see the lines.
Can anybody tell me how to get rid of these? They show up in the renders.
Cheers, Matt.


This is probably caused by some long and narrow triangles. If the top surface is completely flat, you can set it to solid, not smooth, otherwise replace the triangles with quads

Hi Morio.
Thanks for the advice, however it has not worked.
It is now set solid with no modifiers but those lines are still there. I have also changed all triangles to quads. Admitteldy, there are long quads (triangles?) in it but thats how Blender filled it when I shift-F.
Its a bit dissapointing to be honest as it seems to happen in all my meshes.
Have you any ideas? (.blend attached.)
Thanks very much, Matt.


BACKPLATE.blend (185 KB)

The problem is that the vertices are not in the same plane. select the vertices on the top of the model and press ‘s’ -> ‘y’ -> ‘0’ to put them in the same plane, and the weird shading will go away.

Also, you still have a lot of triangles in the model, to get rid of them you will have to do some manual work. I’m afraid it might be easier to start over, than to get rid fo the triangles in the current model. You could use the mirror modifier, and only make one corner.

Depending on what you are going to do with the model from now on, you might be able to live with those triangles though.

have you tried scaling all the verts along the Z axis (or Y) to 0 to make sure they are all lined up?

could you put up a wire? (sorry I don’t have access to blender at the moment)

I understand that the vertices might not be in the same plane (dont know how it happended though, I thought I had been carefull!) but I’m not sure what you mean about scaling the top ones to 0. Which verts should I select? Also, which view should I be in? F1? (As per my image?) Do I need to put the 3D cursor somewhere?
Thanks very much, Matt.
Ps, sorry Asano, I dont know how to render a wire. (Yet.)

I remodelled the plate from scratch being very carefull to keep vertices in the correct planes.
It looks fine without ‘set smooth’ and an edgesplit modifier applied… As soon as they are applied it gains these weird shading issues.
Another .blend is attached if you wouldnt mind having a look.
Are you suggesting I ‘draw’ individual vertices along edges to achieve ‘nice’ quads (i.e., not long thin triangles/quads)?
Thanks, Matt.


BACKPLATE_2.blend (194 KB)

You can always “clean up the geometry.” You can spend hours doing that if you’re not careful. Main question is: can you see it? If not, I’d say “leave it.”

Early on in a project … :RocknRoll: … you tend to “lovingly caress it.” Toward the end of the thing … :eek: … you go into instincts-plus-overdrive mode. (Sheer Panic.) You start focusing on exactly what you gotta do “to get this damm thing finished and outa here!” And guess what: it all looks the same.

Worse, you can “lovingly caress” something only to find that you have to throw it out. 'Cuz it’s wrong. Or it doesn’t make the final-cut. Wasted. Do what you have to do. Not one thing more or less.

You need to set the top faces to solid, or add an edgesplit modifier to make it look good. The problems are caused by blender trying to smooth the shading over 90° angles. You could also make an edge loop around the holes to make the problem less noticeable.

I’d say set the planar surfaces to solid, everyhing else to smooth, and if you want it to also look good in 3d-view, add an edgesplit modifier. Oh and recalculate normals (ctrl+n)

Wow, thanks for all the advice.
Jorzi, please advise how you set parts of the mesh to ‘set solid’ and others to ‘set smooth’.
I didnt know you could do this! I think it may be the answer!
Cheers all, Matt.

The ‘Set Solid’ and ‘Set Smooth’ buttons are under ‘Editing (F9)’ in the ‘Links and Materials’ panel

If you press “set solid” or “set smooth” in object mode, the selected object will become solid or smooth. If you do it in edit mode, it only applies to the selected faces

Thanks very much people, the set smooth in edit mode has worked a treat - I’m back in love with Blender again!
It was quite an important issue for me as the models I’m trying to do from now on are all brackets, cleats, plates, etc. (I’m doing an installation animation for a balcony bracket.)
These lines show up when certain materials are applied but hopefully its sorted now.
Cheers, Matt.