Mesh Material

Hi Guys

I’m quite new to this blender so would like to have some advice. How can I create a mesh material something similar to this.

any suggestion?

thank you for your help

you need to use alpha mapping which means to define transparent regions with a grayscale image, or image channel. file format .png supports this, .jpg does not. probably the easiest way would be to model it first, set your camera to ortho, set render settings to RGBA and ‘premul’, and use file format .png, and take a render. you have now rendered an image file with an alpha channel, but you have to use the correct settings in textures and materials for it to render properly. i am still a little shaky with version 2.6, so best to check the blender wiki for particulars.

Better UV mapping and this would look pretty good.

Here is teh blend file. Your free to use it if you wish. Threads are a little thick though…
mesh.blend (470 KB)
Here is the image texture I used.