Mesh Men's Hairstyles- Train-Toons

I am struggling with a character’s hairstyle for a commercial project. The female model is created and accepted by the client.

Now I have to do the hair for the male character, and it needs to be of the same style, or at least not conflict. Due to rendering issues and design choices we are avoiding particle hair. Unfortunately mesh hair creation is so unpopular that I can’t find any decent tutorials (Except David Ward’s, thank you David!)

Here are two options of specular shader, one option of mesh hair. Please critique the male hair modeling, texturing, and shader, ignore the skin variations (of course comment on anything you want to, I need all the help I can get for this one). I haven’t done the back, just did what was visible from the front until I am sure this is the direction to go in. I will work up more variations and post them as they are finished. Thanks in advance.


i prefer the one on the right… but lower the spec and make it a bit smoother… right now it looks like he has short shiny dreads

Thanks for the input natholas! Here is another one. What do you all think?


Hey guys please let me know what you think. I am leaning toward the one on the left. I haven’t tried the card method yet, I might give that a go next. Really looking for help this time, if you are viewing, why not at least throw in your two cents?

Turntable of the left style finished: No raytrace or AO just looking at the model.


ye the one on the left looks more natural… not like dog poop anymore :stuck_out_tongue: i would lower the spec a tiny bit more… good luck!

Thanks natholas! I really appreciate your taking the time to comment. You know this is my first time opening a thread in this section and blatantly asking for help. 200 views later I have 2 comments, both from you. Thanks natholas, no thanks BA.

I wanted to work on this more, but due to the lack of feedback, I’m moving on.


From what I’ve experienced WIP gets more attention than FC. The hair you choose is definitely the best, and works great with the model and alongside the womans. The only thing I don’t quite like is how massive the guys mouth is. But the stylization isn’t necessarily incorrect, more a preference on my part.

Good luck, and hopefully BA won’t fail you in the future

no problems bro… i know how it feels :confused: to many people posting threads wanting people to comment… not enough people posting on other peoples threads…
QS Dragon +1 i agree… it looks really good now

Great looking character, no need to improve it.

It looks good, I’m surprised at how good the hair looks without using particles.

Thanks for the feedback guys. I really appreciate it.