Mesh - Modeling

Is there a tutorial out there that teaches mesh modeling in general and not how to model some specific object i suppose what you could do with them all the ones i have found just teach one specific item which doesnt help me because i still cant apply what i learn from doing the tutorial on any other mesh

just search in google ‘blender beginner tutorial’ it should come up with lots of different things youre looking for

The books… the wikis… they all have 3d overviews…
General mesh building is something that you can learn but really doing tutorials and following them can teach you enough. Just be patient… do the WHOLE tutorial, and look for another to do. There are few books if any that explain the concepts behind how polygon shading and smoothing is determined, how to best build a model for a certain industry, or what the significant do’s and don’t’s are.
My advice… look for good video tutorials… Montage studios, papasmurf, and so many others have great tutorials (even video) that walk you through the process.
However… if what you really want is someone to be there mentoring you while you model, you’ll have to do like me and shell out a crapload of money for classes.

Oh… also… look at tutorials for other programs. The differences will show you the similarities… the similarities are probably what you’re looking for…

Your question interest me. Modeling is such a vast area… to my limited knowledge there is no single tutorial or series of tutorial that teaches how to become a modeler (I omitted the “mesh” part on purpose). Could you tell me what you’d expect such a tutorial would look like? How big do you expect it to be, how much time can you devote to becoming a good (or great) modeler? What would you expect to be able to do once you would have gone through that tutorial?
Answer me and I might be able to help you more aptly.