Mesh modelling question

I’m into blender for about a week now… best piece of software ever :slight_smile:
've got a bunch of newb questions though.

  1. Is there a way to alter a mesh using a reference box (like in 3DS Max) … not sure about the name … it looks like a box surrounding an object, if you alter the box, the same is done with the object (like a subsurf) … like this before and after (done with a much more complex object of course)

  2. Is there a way to move a texture up/down in the texture stack ? I’m pretty sure the button is there and I’m looking over it all the time :))

thanks in advance

  1. Yep. It’s called a latice. Make one, put it around the object. Parent the object to it and deform the latice.

  2. Not that I know of, besides just switching them around manually. There’s no button to do it. One of those little things that you ask yourself: “Why doesn’t blender have that?”

Just select the texture slot and pick the texture from the menu.


Sometimes you just want to change the order. It’s not usually a big thing, but there are times when I have 6 of the texture slots filled, and I want to add one at #2. That means I have to click 2 through 7 and choose the one that was above. If you could move them up and down, you just add it at the bottom and click 7 times to get it to slot 2.

Yeah, about this… could someone write up or direct me to a post that says what all the different texture spaces do, and why order is necesary.


You can’t apply all the texures at once; order is necessary. The textures are simply applied in the order you specify.

The only texture slot that has any magic is the eighth, use for modifying particles and the like. (It used to be the last one, but now there are ten…)

Thanks, blazer003, the lattice :slight_smile: It was called like that in the 3DS too … I just didn’t notice

And for the textures … well, it’s not that big deal :slight_smile:

With regard to question 2 above: To move a texture to a new slot you’ll want to use the arrow buttons next to the first slot. The reason being if you just add the texture from the list you’ll lose the mapping, input sizing, etc. If you copy the texture, Up Arrow, and then past the texture to the new slot, Down Arrow, you’ll keep all the coordinate settings intact in the new slot.

Okay, 've got the lattice linked to an object … but (in edit mode) when I move a vertex using the Transform Properties (NKEY) dialog, it moves a lot more in all three axes… what’s wrong ? Grabbing it works fine (even snapped to grid / axis)

Edit: how can I build the lattice around an object and then start the effect on mesh ? I built the lattice, linked it and whoooo … the mesh deformed (the way the lattice was built around)

There are links to the Lattice sections in the Blender manual at:

I think your question has something to do with the lattice resolution, as mentioned in the manual.

Wicked … I didn’t know of the manual till some time ago and all I did to find it was ‘man blender’ :)) thanks, I’m gonna read it …