Mesh Moves upon parenting to bone

Hey, so I have this rig and when I try and parent my mesh to it the mesh moves and rotates a little. I’ve posted a couple pictures showing before/after parenting. As you can see, I want the socket to be perfectly resting on the ball joint, but this prevents that. Would be a great help if you could help me figure out what the issue is/circumvent it. Thanks!


It could be any of a number of reasons, without seeing the bend file I cannot tell which, but things you might like to try are:

Do you have any unapplied rotations or scales on either the mesh or armature (in Object Mode) - many people here post very similar questions and on inspection we find that they have scaled and/or rotated the armature or mesh in Object mode - don’t do this! Do all your edits in Edit mode…

To correct this you select the objects, including the armature, in Object Mode and key CTRL+A and then chose “Rotation and Scale”.

You may have transforms set for the armature before you parented the mesh to it. To correct this hit Spacebar and type “Clear Pose” then select “Clear Pose Transforms” from the menu. this will set the armature back to rest position. Then clear and redo the parenting.

Also check that when you go from Edit Mode to Pose Mode on the armature that the bones do not move.

If you have to reset a mesh/armature parent, make sure you delete the parent in the object panel, delete the armature constraint and clear the vertex groups in the vertex panel.

Check that you do not have the vertices assigned to two bones where they shouldn’t be - to correct this the easy way - clear and redo the parenting.

These are the obvious ones - post the blend file here or in then post the link here and we can tell you exactly what is wrong.

Cheers, Clock.