Mesh moves when parenting to bone.

I have seen similar posts but their solutions dont seem to help with mine.
I am very new to blender so sorry if this is a simple fix.

I am following a youtube tutorial and im at the stage where i want to bind the mesh to the bones, however when i parent them (selecting the mesh then the bones and then ctrl P to bones) the mesh relocates, rescales and rotates from the original location.

The edit and pose of the skeleton is the same position, i have attached the said file to the post in hopes someone can help me.

Thank you
Nala2.blend (1.84 MB)

You are not applying the transformation prior to parenting. Do control P to whatever you want and then in the panel to the left, make sure to check the little box that says Keep Transform.

When you don’t apply the transform, the object that is parented, the dog, will assume the same orientation as the armature. To see this, put your viewport to Normal instead of Global and check your orientation widget. You will see that are different. Your dog Y axis is up. Your armature’s Y axis is horizontal. So if you don’t check it, the dog corrects you like a good doggy.