Mesh moving in different directions than bendy bones it is assigned to

Part of the mesh is moving in opposite directions to the bendy bones.
Only 2 vertex groups here so it is not affected by any other group that I can tell.
Any Ideas? Maybe Something in the vertex’s properties? Thanks!
File is uploaded…

woman error.rar (2.3 MB)

It’s not moving them. It’s rotating them and scaling them. As far as I can see, it’s behaving exactly like it ought. Reduce your bendy bone segment count and it will make sense; then, as you increment the count by 1 each time, it will continue to make sense.

Should be said that most of your weights are doing nothing, because most of your vertices are weighted to only a single bone, so the color really doesn’t mean anything. Weights are relative, so if a vert is weighted 0.1 but to only a single bone, it’s the same as being weighted 1.0 (or being weighted 0.01.)

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Thanks B, I think i see what your saying.
So I guess i will use a third bone to control the vertices that seem to be going in the wrong direction?

That will help, yes. But also, think about how your bendy bones are rotating, including in their “twist” axis.

OK i will thanks!