Mesh not animating in game.

I created a character (based on a Batman’s shape but that’s not the point), rigged it (through the Blender add-on) and animated quickly a walk cycle.
My armature is parented to my hitbox and my mesh owns the armature modifier.
Then, I added some keyboard sensors (well … just one for ‘W’), action actuator, move actuator, …
I don’t see what mistakes I could have done.
Here is my .blend project : character.blend (1.45 MB)

Thanks in adavnce.

Remove or Apply the Subdivision Surface Modifier. But also lower the subdivisions else your character has way to many polygons.

Thank you !

I should have said also that you may put the Subsurface Modifier after the Armature Modifier. That also works.

^ You should not do that, it slows the game down considerably compared to applying subsurf first.

Subsurf essentially just rounds all corners and quadruples your polycount everywhere, it’s the opposite of what real time models need. You should apply any subsurf modifiers in editing phase and work with your actual in-game polygons to be able to optimize and get the most out of each one of them.

I second that.