Mesh not following armature properly. Best way to fix?

I can’t remember what I am doing wrong. Here are the pics. I know this happens when you bend the armature to much, but how can I get the fingers mesh to follow the armature better. The more I try and move the fingers armature, the more deformed the mesh gets. Thanks for any links to tutorials or any help. I know this has been asked a thousand times. The rest of my mesh is fine. I thought I may need to subdivide my mesh more so the armature has something to hold on to, but that doesn’t seem to help. It is weight painted correctly and the correct vertices are assigned correctly.


You can’t have the correct weights if that happens. To me it looks like the second and third joints are weighted to several bones but it’s hard to tell without a blend file. You should check the vertex weights for a single vertex in the problem area to make sure it’s not weighted to several bones.