Mesh not responding to Bump node settings


I’m not being able to alter the topography of my mesh through the Bump node. It is not responding to changes in the Strength or the Distance or the Invert settings.

Please check my settings in the images. I’ll appreciate any advice!

You need to connect bump to displacement node.

oh it is set that way:

Replace your bump node with a displace node.

Then it will work.

I did it but nothing changes (and the Height of the displacement node stops being adjustable when I connect the image node to it). Actually, I can disconnect the Displacement node (or the Bump node) and the meshy displacement will remain as it is.

Maybe the issue is in the modifier?

  • the displacement of the mesh will remain as it is.

Ok, you’re doing 2 different things. If you want to adjust the height of the displacement modifier, you have to do that in the modifier itself.

If you want to displace geometry with the shader nodes, you will need to do as suggested and get a displace node plugged in. This will only be visible in rendered mode though.

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ohh I see. Actually, they were messing up with the render view (making it look terribly non-manifold).

Thank you very much!

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